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Nothing planed at this time. Hope the new year brings us big things.



We now offer assistance in
consulting and training.

For more information, please email us at:


If you are looking for answers or help with possible paranormal activity you can also call us at:    239-677-8973



Our team does our best at making ourselves available to help anyone that calls with any request for paranormal research to be done at their location (as long as it is Southern Florida area).  We do hold the right to deny our assistants at our own reasons.  If you believe your home, office, business is 
"Haunted" and would like closure.  Feel free to contact us.



Please feel free to check out our fellow teams in our network.  

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We would like to give our sincere "thank you" to our men and women, who are now serving our country with pride, especially those whom are over seas and far from home. Our prayers for your safe return go out for you.

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