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For the following locations you will need to pre-arrange permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.


Please note, the following locations have not been investigated by our team and we can't verify if they are truly haunted or not.  These locations are rumored to be haunted and put up on our site for ideas of investigation locations.



 - Newnansville Cemetery - On certain nights, ghostly figures will walk throuought the cemetery.


Amelia Island

 - Old Jail - Luc Simone Aury was the bastard son of a pirate named Luis Aury. He was a renowned scoundrel and wanted for many crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery to name a few. Upon his capture, Aury was sentenced to hang in the gallows behind the jail. As word spread, a huge crowd gathered to witness the execution of this famous criminal. The night before the hanging however, Aury managed to slit his own throat in effort to deprive the city of his humiliating spectacle. A surgeon was summoned to crudely stitch him up just enough to keep him alive until the execution. With his collar buttoned to hide the wound, he was drug up the steps on his appointed day. When the trap was sprung, the stitches ripped open, nearly decapitating him. Blood spewed into and all over the crowd. Women fainted, men screamed, and children were trampled as the crowd fled in terror. Aury can be heard moaning where the old gallows used to be. On rare occasions, his ghost will appear with a gaping slash across his neck covered in blood.

- Fernandina Beach - A lighthouse on the main beach is said to be haunted by its former caretaker and his young bride. She allegedly died tragically and he killed himself at the top of the lighthouse. When people visit putrid smells appear, the radio is turned on every night and a door is constantly unlocked.


Anastasia Island

 - The Lighthouse - near St. Augustine, many spirits are here; one of a man who hung himself (when, not known), and one unidentified spirit in the basement of the keeper's house. During the 1980's, when the keeper's house was being restored, workers spent the nights in the place to protect it from vandals. They would wake up in the middle of the night to see a small girl in old-fashioned clothes watching them. She would then vanish. The workers would also sense things during their work and would look up to see an apparition of a man hanging from a rafter. The spirit in the cellar has never been seen, but workers at the lighthouse all report an uneasy feeling when they're down there alone, especially at closing time when the place is very quiet. There have also been stories of footsteps on the lighthouse stairs when there's no one around. The guides there are very open about the ghosts. There are many good reasons for the lighthouse and keeper's house to be haunted: the man who hung himself, the little girl who was killed by the train, a light keeper who fell to his death while painting the former lighthouse (very close to the newer one), and 13 executed pirates who were buried behind the lighthouse. Also, there has been some form of a lighthouse on the site since Ponce De Leon in the 1500's. - Update about the little girl spirit, it is believed that there are 2, They were daughters of the lighthouse keeper and of the foreman when the new lighthouse was being built further up on the island. They used to play on the train-carts that were used to haul supplies from the water to the new location of the lighthouse. According to the local historical society that provides tours of the area, the girls were playing on a cart with the daughter of the foreman. Apparently, the brake was loosened, sending the cart hurtling toward the inlet below. Three of the 4 girls (2 of the keeper's daughters and the foreman's daughter) were not saved in time and drowned when the cart flew into the water. Occasionally, you can hear girls giggling in the vicinity of the lighthouse, and the girl that appeared to the workers was also one of the daughters that is more active than the others.


Anna Maria Island

 - Bali Hai - Every year, around early August, a shadowy figure walks the beach of the Bali Hai hotel. You can usually see them out of the corner of your eye and when you glance in her direction, she will disappear.



 - Gibson Inn HWY 98 - this place is haunted by a man who died there on he’s stay with pneumonia. He haunts the rooms there and the bar and dining room you hear footsteps late at night and no one there piano has started playing in the bar at night when its closed and no ones there. He appears to the workers there and guest he pull there blankets off them at night and moves your shoes and stuff in a neat place he’s a good ghost doesn’t bother anyone but be careful not to trash he room 128 or hell destroy your things and hell mess with you the whole stay. The workers there well tell you the stories and you always feel someone watching you at night. November Correction/Update: Room 309 is haunted by the ghost of Captain Wood. He died of pneumonia after returning from sea in that room. He is a friendly ghost that moves things in the room such as shoes or tucks guests into bed. He stays in that room. We also have the ghost of a woman that roams the second floor. She has been seen wearing a long gray dress with her hair pulled back in a bun. This is reportedly Sunshine Gibson, one of the Gibson sisters that owned the hotel in the 1920's. A worker at the front desk claims one of the ghost has been calling their phone all night. Sometimes when the phone rings, the switchboard lights up from rooms that are unoccupied. The only thing they hear on the receiver is a crackling noise. They’ve gotten phone calls from the kitchen and the phone in the kitchen is not working. They also received a phone call from the boss' office even though he had left 2 hours earlier. The speaker on the phone has come on by itself a couple of times also.



 - Orange Blossom Trail - A Native American warrior in loin cloth crosses the road after prey, looks at you, then disappears.

 - The Captain & The Cowboy Restaurant- formerly listed as Townsend's Plantation - according to a local radio station that did a bit there lights were seen in the middle of the night, sounds, and temp. Changes were noticed. - September 2004 additional information: The radio station was at the Plantation that year because they were having a haunted house there for Halloween. Workers there report hearing loud bangs in the attic where no one is allowed to go. And feeling someone brush up against you when you are alone.



 - Old Blue House in neighborhood - It is said to be haunted by a family of ghost that once lived there. When they were murdered and the house was burnt down soon afterwards. In the early 1800's. Spirits have been seen walking around and still living in the house after being rebuilt in the 1900's, over their graves.



 - Astor Campsites - Gobbler rd. - in Astor has known to have a glowing white male walking down the road very casual. In a blink of an eye he will disappear. Footsteps have been reported. This figure has been seen many times. it usually is spotted around 9:30 to 11:00.



 - the Bowling Alley - is supposedly "cursed". The land it sits on used to be swampland, and people say gangsters used to dispose of bodies there. No one who has owned the bowling alley supposedly has been able to make a go of it. Some say the building is haunted.

 - The Good Shepherd Hospice - The building was at one time a hospital. There are about 10 beds there, with about 2 or 3 people dying each week (sometimes more). The ghost of Mary Morrow, the wife of the doctor is sometimes seen by the staff. In 2004 one CNA that worked there saw a woman wearing a flower pattern dress walked through a closed door. She told the nurse on duty what she saw, who described Mary Morrow to her. The description she gave matched. Some staff in the office areas report feelings of nausea and light headiness at times, but a source for this has never been found.


Babson Park

 - Webber College - Girls Dorm. - Many girls and employees have seen a dark shadow in the second floor of the dorm building.



 - Old Courthouse - Construction on the old courthouse was completed in 1909; there is now a newer, much larger courthouse across the street from the older structure, and the old courthouse now houses the Polk County Historial Museum and Genealogical Library. Although the 1909 courthouse was the third building to serve as the courthouse in Polk, it's only the second courthouse to have been built on that particular plot of land (the one before that was built in 1883). The boiler room is located in one of the four basements (it's the basement accessible by elevator only), and many years ago there was an explosion there, killing one male worker; staff, cleaning crews, and visitors have reported hearing screams of pain coming from that basement. The bodies of the Mann brothers, who were lynched by a mob for murdering Marshall Silas Campbell in the street outside the courthouse, were brought and displayed for several days in 1886 in the 1883 courthouse on the second floor the area of the old courthouse corresponds with the second floor rotunda of the 1909 courthouse - there is a feeling of sadness there, and apparitions have been seen on the spot where the bodies were laid out. Also, near the second floor bathrooms and on the third floor, the apparition of The Lady in White has been observed by many people - it isn't known who she is, and she could be one of several women who had strong ties to the building. Strange things have been observed in a room containing ancient Native American artifacts on the first floor, from cold spots to malfunctioning lights. In the actual 1909 courtroom, cold spots are felt and sometimes people feel something "brushing" against them - the exact cause isn't known because every trial from 1909 until the new courthouse was completed in 1987 was held there, but it's believed it might be Judge Chillingsworth, who was murdered along with his wife in West Palm Beach and whose gangster killers were tried in that courtroom.



 - Bagdad Cemetery - Witnesses have heard kids laughing in the daytime, just outside the cemetery (in the overgrowth of the property. There were no sign of kids where the noise came from. We also caught a few orbs on film when we visited there at night. Note of caution, the county sheriffs department stakes out the road nearby and patrols the cemetery because of vandals and drug users. A Local legend is associated with the large round ball tombstone in the SE corner of the cemetery, near the exit road. On dark moonlit nights, you can see and hear the granite ball slowly rotating in it's pedestal!!! Also for some reason, the three adjacent obelisks have always been refered to as "The Sentinels".



 - Belleview Biltmore Resort / Spa - A phone that is disconnected rings on the 4th floor (which is closed off) Voices are heard and lights go off and on. Doors to empty rooms open and close. Faces appear in windows to late night staff.


Black Creek

- Black Creek Cemetery - Had an old church next to the cemetery that was built in the 1800's. It is said that a young girl and her little brother were walking home one night in the early 1900's. They decided to cut across the cemetery. A bear chased them into the churches' bell tower were they were killed. It was said that you could go to the church at the stroke of twelve midnight and here the little children screaming. You can also here the bear with them as the church bell would ring. Now there is a new church built and the old bell tower has been relocated


Boca Raton

 - Florida Atlantic University - Humanities Bldg - has a ghost that has been spotted by employees on night shifts. She was seen at the top of the amphitheatre crying, when approached, she vanished. When locking building up at night, one person started on the third floor, checking & locking all the classroom doors. When he got to the second floor, he radioed in that there was someone on the third floor running through the halls slamming the doors. He and another unit went to the third floors from opposite ends and found all the doors locked, nothing out of place, and no one in the building.

- The Hole - There was a girl raped and killed there in the late 1960's. People have seen her walking around in the parking lot crying for help. She is wearing a dress.


Bowling Green

 - Hardee Correctional Facility - Reports of hearing voices & feelings of someone walking behind you.


Boynton Beach

 - Holiday Inn - The Holiday Inn on Congress Avenue is said to be haunted by spirits. Many people who have stayed in the hotel, have said to have seen apparitions of human figures roaming through the hallways. This Holiday Inn is said to be built on top of an old Indian Burial Ground



 - Coquina Beach - On Coquina Beach, at the very southern tip of the island before the Longboat Key bridge, there is a span of public beach where there once was a hotel but now it is a picnic area. On the beach, a male figure in black clothing walks from the picnic area to the shoreline and vanishes. This particular area has a lot of wandering spirits at night, but this male ghost has been seen in daylight and looks totally out of place.



 - Brandon Place - A girl who has been nicknamed Matilda but whose real name is possibly Susan haunts this place. This place used to be a funeral home, which explains the hauntings of the young girl in blue.


Brevard County

 - Merritt island - crooked mile road- 18th century haunting of church in grave yard, hands have been known to come out of graves to those who have entered the grave yard, and people still maker rituals to their beloveds. One person actually reported a hallucination but actually saw somebody their family knew as a mentally ill person who was after their family for a long time.

- OLD Courthouse building - The old court house building is haunted by an escaped criminal that ran from the jail on the second floor, as he ran a bailiff went to scare him with his gun, but he pulled the trigger on accident. so now you can see a large blood spot on the wall and floor where he was shot.

 - The Brooksville Heritage Museum - People have seen and heard things unexplained things in that mansion that is now a museum.

 - The Brooksville Nursing Manor - Once when one of the patients were badly sick and about to die, one of the nurses reported seeing a woman coming down the hallway going into the patients room but when they got there the patient had died and there was no sign of the woman they had seen in the hallway.

 - Hernando Heritage Museum - Many things have happened in this house, including hearing a child cry when no child was around, and seeing orbs and mists on digital cameras.  Lights have also been seen at night when it is closed and people on tours have felt cold drafts pass by their bodies.

 - Spring Hill Cemetery - The Spring Hill Cemetery, is located off of Fort Dade Ave. in Brooksville. It is an old black cemetery with the earliest "known" burial starting in the late 1800's. At dusk you can see what seems to be a man hanging from a tree limb. Also, groups of spirits can be seen standing together around the headstones of family plots. One report states that an infant’s cry can be heard during certain times of the night.

 - The Weeks House - There is a house in Brooksville that has been featured in the Tampa Tribune and the St. Petersburg Times, among others, about this house that is a family home built in the early part of the 1900s. The story goes that if you drive by late at night (before the current owners moved in) you would see a candle passing by the windows on the second floor. Doors being slammed and whispers are also very common.


Captiva Island

 - South Seas Resort - In employee housing, room 51, a baker died there and still haunts the room. Orb sightings in pictures, footsteps heard, presence detectable. Also on the North end of the resort, the King's Crown restaurant is haunted by the former manager who died on premises. Plays the piano after hours, employees will hear the piano after closing and come in to find nobody there. If the silverware is not rolled right, employees will leave the room for a moment and come back to find the bucket dumped out. He had a sense of humor... he will arrange all the silverware on the tables so they form a zig-zag pattern down the rows of tables. The resort is a former plantation where many slaves were killed and still walk the ground. small historic cemetery a block away.


Carol City

 - Subway Restaurant - Strange vibes of someone's presence about to run into you (attacking). The doorknob to the back door moves like someone is trying to open the door. Dust fell from the ceiling as if someone were walking up there.



 - Cassadaga Hotel - There are several spirits who reside there. Known to be a mischievous one named Arthur, Gentleman Jack, a cigar smoking ladies man; 2 little girls named Sarah and Katlin. The hotel rents rooms out and has resident psychics available daily.

 - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp - Cassadaga Established in 1894, Many ghost hunters identify Cassadaga as one of the biggest geomagnetic vortexes in the country. A wonderful place to go visit if you’re interested in ghost and Psychic Phenomena. Cassadaga has also been on the unexplained shows due to the natural glow of BLUE the halo's this area for no apparent reason. Also if you are in the least sensitive then you can feel the energy that this area posses. For more info, you can vi