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Our Mission Statement

Paranormal Extreme is a non for profit organization, researching the paranormal in Florida.  We bring professionalism and confidentiality to each investigation.  We understand that calling a team to investigate your private home or property is not an easy decision.  Above all else, we respect your right to privacy.

We will be using highly sensitive recording devices in an attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity.  The images and audio that we capture will only be released with the homeowner or property owner's permission. We will not share or publish any of the evidence captured outside our group if this is the desire of the owner.   Before we began each case we discuss a comfortable level of disclosure with the property owner.  We agree on the terms and then proceed with the investigation.  Following the investigation the evidence collected is shown to the property owner.  Again we ensure a comfort level with the property owner regarding any material that will be released about the investigation. 

We are not amateurs, or beginners.  Our team members have been trained.  We do not allow untrained personnel to operate unless they are accompanied by an experienced investigator.  Again our primary goals are comfort for the owner and residents involved and paranormal understanding.  We will bring a levelheaded and comfortable atmosphere into your property, taking care of the most important thing, your discomfort.  During this process we will try to help you understand the nature of the problems being observed.  We will try to supply you with the information you need to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved. 

We will begin by listening to your experiences and concerns.  We will then perform a walk through with you, giving an opportunity to hear about each room and the experiences witnessed there.  Then we will set up a wide range of equipment, including video, audio, and motion sensing units.  We will then use teams of 2 or 3, equipped with handheld sensing devices to try to recreate and debunk personal experiences in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. We will then share our findings with the owner and come to a conclusion.

Following the completion of our research we will gladly offer you a copy of our official findings.  As well as any recorded audio, video or documented evidence.  

We believe that the conclusion of an investigation is not the end of our relationship with our clients.  We will always be there to answer any additional questions or to re-investigate the location if we are requested back  at a future time.

Each case is concluded solely by recorded evidence.  We use scientific results and not anything else to decide any conclusions to any case.  

We never charge for our work.  We don't pay to investigate any location.  We feel with all the work we will do on each case and the hours and hours of work, paying someone to investigate their location is foolish at best.

One of the founders is a Ordained Minister, therefore we do not do any pagan rituals at any case.  We follow by Christian morals.

If you have any questions, ideas, concerns, or would like to contact out team.  Please email us at:



  Please note!!

 Paranormal Extreme must make a statement at this point.  Recently we had most of our team try to take over our team.  They went so far as to steal most of our equipment, and contact a few of our clients trying to "steal them" from our team.   Paranormal Extreme spent a lot of time rebuilding our equipment and team, not to mention healing from the hurt of what these so called friends did to us personally. 
   Yesterday 11/20/2011 one of our associate teams through the white noise network had a similar event happened to them.  Basically the majority of their team decided to take over their team and sadly try to leave their team founder on the side lines.  
   PARANORMAL EXTREME is now making it CLEAR, that we
WILL NOT EVER work with, associate with, or befriend anyone or any group that organizes a "cue" from their team founders in this fashion.  

   Paranormal Extreme recognizes the founders of teams and not necessarily the team itself.  "Founders make the team!" - This is more than simply an expression.

   CC (the Founder) of: Beyond The Uncanny - We give you any and all of our support that we can, publicly and privately.  -We know what it is like to have people with little or no morals do this to you.  Please don't let them get the best of you.  Rebuild, be positive and look to your real friends.  You will find us always in your corner, even when we aren't expected to be there...You will see us there.



We would like to give our sincere "thank you" to our men and women, who are now serving our country with pride, especially those whom are over seas and far from home. Our prayers for your safe return go out for you.